Speaker Companion in the SmartThings Classic app

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Speaker Companion in the SmartThings Classic app

If you are installing smart devices to your network then you must make sure that you can manage the smart speakers for your devices. In this article we are going to explain speaker automations using SmartThings Classic app. There are many users who are still using the old application for handling their smart devices so this article is specially dedicated to those users.

Things to Know About Samsung SmartThings

Speaker Companion in the SmartThings Classic app

SmartThings Classic app for Handling Speaker Companion

  • Access SmartThings Classic app that is installed for your mobile device.
  • After that choose “MarketPlace”.
  • There you will find “SmartApps” so choose that option.
  • Under the “Music and Sounds” you will find “Speaker Companion” option.

  • There you will find the options for handling the controls that you need to reflect to your speakers. You can manage stop and play, notification or weather report for your device.
  • After that you can configure the actions that you want to take for the triggers. There are a number of possible triggers that are possible for speaker companion.
  • You can choose play, bell 1. Bell2, firm alarm, motion settings, piano and door settings for triggers.
  • When you configure the “When” option, you can easily manage the actions that you want your speakers must take. You can choose motion here, arrival of, water sensor, scheduled time, button press and arrival off settings for your device.

  • At the end you will need to click on “Done” button and then you can save the settings for your SmartThings Classic app.

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In case if you are getting problems with ruining SmartThings Classic app for your device then we will suggest you to get new application from your mobile device. We will also suggest you to reconfigure your router and modem devices because most of these router and modem devices can be a reason that you are getting problems with your device access.

You can change login email ID and password for your SmartThings Classic app login but we will suggest you to use Samsung account login details for your application access. If you have old application installed for your device then you must go for new version of application.

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